4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants

4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants4 Simple Steps to Utilize Pinterest For Restaurants

A few weeks back, we discussed the value of Yelp as an internet marketing tool. This week, we’ll focus on Pinterest, one of the newest social media sites. Focusing on 4 simple steps to utilize Pinterest for restaurants

Think of Pinterest as a giant, multi-user scrapbook. People can “pin” various images to different boards, categorized whatever way they like. The boards cover everything from quotes and funny sayings to cars, design, and sports. So as a restaurant owner, why should you care about using Pinterest for restaurants?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, boasting over 17 million users a month. Among users, Food & Drink rank as the second most popular categories, creating a great marketing opportunity for restaurant owners. Here are a couple tips on how to improve your restaurant’s Pinterest profile.

Pinterest Tip #1Keep your style consistent. What themes, style, and atmosphere have you created in your restaurant? What type of cuisine do you have? Is it casual dining? Slightly dressier? Is your establishment known for its amazing cocktails? What is your signature dish? These are all features that should be incorporated into your boards.

Pinterest Tip #2Post quality, and regularly. 80% of pins on Pinterest are repins. By posting original content you can generate more engagement and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure to post high quality photos.

Pinterest Tip #3Position your restaurant as a destination. Pinterest is like one giant wish list. People are constantly adding things they’d like to do, places to see, cool restaurants to try. If you position yourself as one of those destinations it can help drive traffic to your site.

Pinterest Tip #4Engage. Users can engage, comment, and talk with each other. Join the dialogue. Follow other people’s boards, or encourage them to add content to your board. You could have a fan board, where people upload pictures of themselves eating their favorite dish at your restaurant. Engage and communicate with your fans to get the best interaction on your site.

There are multiple ways to utilize Pinterest for restaurants as well as other social media sites.

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Employee Benefits: The Value of Flexible Benefits Plans

Employee Benefits: The Value of Flexible Benefits PlansEmployee Benefits: The Value of Flexible Benefits Plans

New concerns have made significant changes in our approach to healthcare & flexible employee benefits

According to a survey by a major national consultancy, 62% of employers currently offer flexible benefits packages and a further 21% plan to do so in the future. Flexibility in options can be a great draw to employees and can help cover a wide diversity of families and illnesses. It has the potential to be both recruitment value for employee engagement and retention.

It is a new approach to traditional forms of healthcare as new healthcare concerns rise. Obesity rates are skyrocketing, putting more and more people at risk for heart disease. Increasing healthcare costs have companies struggling to provide for their employees, while the Affordable Care Act is only going to further alter the industry.

There are now a wide range of options companies are taking to protect their employees’ health, ranging from the norm to the unconventional. Wellness programs are implemented, including everything from exercise plans to nutrition information to help educate employees on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Treadmills have been incorporated into desks, and some companies are even providing exercise classes or have made “walking tracks” around their office to encourage people to get up and move.

The benefits of a strong benefits plan are undeniable. It is key to attracting and retaining employees. Many of the new benefits plan incorporate healthy lifestyle choices, and reducing their risk of disease. This preventative approach through a flexible wellness/benefits plan can also cut down costs for the employer.

Sinclair understands that an effective Employee Benefits program is key in hiring and keeping top talent and in helping employees with life needs. We’ll help you strike the right balance in offering employees a benefit plan that is attractive, offers more choices, customization, and flexibility with your organization’s financial ability by spending smarter, not more. Contact us today for more information about our Flexible Employee Benefits Plans

Source: HI Magazine

Health Insurance Exchange Becomes Federal Responsibility

Health Insurance Exchange Becomes Federal ResponsibilityHealth Insurance Exchange Becomes Federal Responsibility

Health insurance exchanges were originally meant to be set up by each individual state. However with many states resisting the creation of exchanges, the job has fallen to federal officials.

“We realize that not all states will be ready to establish these exchanges by 2014, so we are setting up a federally facilitated exchange in those states,” Michael Hash, the top federal insurance regulator, told the New York Times.

Governors of 13 states have sent letters to the federal administration saying they intend to set up exchanges. Health policy experts expect that the federal government will run exchanges in about half of the 50 states.

The implementation of the health insurance exchanges is navigating murky waters. Running the health insurance exchanges is a huge undertaking that federal officials did not expect to have any part of. The original responsibility was relegated to each state, however many have come out in opposition of the healthcare reform and are resisting creating the exchanges.

The health insurance exchanges will be marketplaces of sorts, designed to create a more organized and competitive market for buying health insurance, according to Kaiser Family Foundation. They are designed to serve primarily individuals buying insurance and small businesses.

As a business owner, you want to make sure you protect your business and your employees. Many employers are looking for health insurance alternatives to help with skyrocketing medical costs and the regulatory changes that have impacted their expenditures. Sinclair Risk & Financial Management works with companies of all sizes to design and implement Group Medical options that rethink the traditional way of offering benefits and meet the financial needs of employers while also addressing the choices and flexibility employees want. Contact us today for more information.

Yelp Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Yelp Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Yelp Marketing Tips for Restaurants.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is part of a crowdsourcing movement that relies on anonymous volunteers rather than paid participants. Customers can post reviews on thousands of businesses across a wide variety of industries, ranging from jewelry and auto repair shops to restaurants and nightlife.

Why does Yelp matter.

Yelp has emerged as a huge influence particularly in the restaurant industry. The site itself commands 71 million unique visitors per month. Restaurants command the largest portion of Yelp traffic, nearly a third of all reviews.

Why is Yelp important for the restaurant industry.

As a restaurant owner, it is essential to take a proactive marketing approach to Yelp. Reviews will be written with or without your involvement. If you have a business account with Yelp, it will give you an opportunity to control the content that is on your review site, and to interact with reviewers.

How do I use Yelp business account?

Think of it as an online integration of traditional customer service. If a customer’s response with a positive review, saying they had a great experience, you thank them for their feedback and invite them to come again. For negative views, tread slightly more carefully. Thank the customer for their feedback. Apologize for their experience if necessary. If you have rectified the issues, let them know it has been fixed, and invite them to come back again.

Above all, continue to engage and interact with your customer. Post photos on your site, set up deals and encourage customers to check-in to your establishment when they visit. The same basic principle of customer service applies to Yelp as in your restaurant.

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Recruitment & Retention: What Do Employees Want?

Recruitment & Retention: What Do Employees Want?Recruitment & Retention: What Do Employees Want?

When recruiting employees for your company, it is not enough to find and hire the best. In fact, it is after they sign on the dotted line that the real work begins- developing and retaining quality employees who can contribute to your company. This post is brought to you by Sinclair Recruitment Consulting Services

High turnover can rack up training costs and hurt business growth. Just as a candidate presents their best skills and qualifications in the job interview, it is the company’s responsibility to provide a job and work environment that will keep them there. Below is a summarized list of what employees want most from their job, according to Inc. magazine. Hint- it’s not only about the money.

Defining their role. Employees want a sense of purpose and distinct goals that they can pursue. It comes down to a basic psychological need- humans want to feel appreciated. If they clearly know their role in the company, feel like they are making a contribution and their ideas are being heard, they will be much more motivated. And that motivation will show in the quality of their work.

Autonomy & flexibility. Micro-managing indicates that an employee isn’t trusted, and that they need constant supervision. No one likes that feeling, and it puts unnecessary pressure on the employee. Giving your employees the freedom over how they work can make them more productive. They want to come in early on Wednesdays so they can make their kid’s soccer game? Let them. They will be happier employees overall. And, as a business owner, it will help you recruit and maintain top talent.

Compensation. Obviously, salary and bonuses are enticing for a company. But other factors can have huge pull. A comprehensive benefits package, wellness plan, or an extra week of PTO can be enticing factors for employees. Wellness programs can also be a draw.

Identifying and recruiting quality employees is no easy task. Retaining them is even tougher. Creating an environment they want to be in will boost loyalty and retention. Sinclair Risk & Financial Management provides companies with recruitment consulting services to effectively and economically identify, screen, and acquire executives and staff. We understand that an effective Employees Benefits program is key in hiring and keeping top talent- we’ll help you strike the right balance in offering an attractive plan that is flexible with your organization’s financial ability. Contact us today for more information about our recruitment consulting services.

Employee Wellness: A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies

Employee Wellness A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies 241x300 Employee Wellness: A Prescription for Fruits and VeggiesEmployee Wellness: A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies

With bad cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, and obesity all steadily threatening America’s well-being, some healthcare professionals are trying a new, simpler prescription- eat your fruits and vegetables by starting Employee Wellness Programs.

In a partnership between health care providers and farmers market partners, the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx) provides daily $1 subsidies to buy produce at local farmers markets. Each family member gets the $1 prescription, so for example a family of five would get $35 per week to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables.

A primary care physician and nutritionist meet with each participant monthly to discuss and reinforce the importance of healthy eating. The patient’s progress is tracked over the period of the description, monitoring their weight, blood pressure, and Body Mass Index at each visit.

The program is designed specifically to assist overweight children and pregnant women who are at risk of developing preventable diseases. In the 2011 pilot program, FVRx participants reported a 38.1% decreased BMI over a four month intervention period. The program yielded economic benefits for local farmers as well- participating farmers markets saw an average increase in revenue of 8,129, as well as an influx of new and repeat customers.

The FVRx is one component of an increasing trend in health care that take a preventative approach to healthcare. The cost of medical care is rising, and preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes and obesity rates only place additional burdens on medical costs. Initiatives such as the FVRx, wellness programs and education target lifestyle changes, including improved diet and exercise, that improve an individual’s well-being and can stave off preventable diseases.

The growing importance of employee wellness programs in the workplace reflects this same dynamic. Employers are helping employees work harder at staying healthy and manage chronic diseases more effectively, so that they and the company benefit from lower health costs and reduced absences. Sinclair Risk & Financial Management is at the forefront of this approach, providing employers with a proprietary Wellness Program designed to promote healthy employee lifestyle choices along with a strategy to create and sustain these behaviors. Contact us today for more information about our employee wellness programs.