Wallingford Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective Mentor

Wallingford Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective MentorWallingford, CT Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective Mentor

Part of a successful business involves a team of dedicated skilled employees. As a business leader, part of your duties is to help employees grow and develop within the company. Not only will it improve your bottom line, developing young talent will help sustain the company for years to come.

Here are some tips on how to be an effective mentor.

Give feedback. Performance feedback is important to employees’ growth. Sit down with employees face-to-face. Be specific and direct with your assessment and cover both positive and negative performance efforts.

Delegate. Passing responsibility to your employees gives them the opportunity to shine. Articulate the results, set parameters and make sure to periodically review their progress.

Provide training. Investing in employees is beneficial for both the company and employees. You help employees improve their skill set and in return you reap the benefits of their growth and can increase company retention and loyalty.

Assess. Keep an eye on the workplace. Observe employees strengths and weaknesses and look for areas of improvement. Keep an eye out for promising candidates for future promotions.

Mentor everyone. Sure, it is impossible to develop strong, mentor relationships with every single employee. However, if you choose specific favorites it can be a source of resentment and negativity in the workplace. Make sure all employees have the same training opportunities so they all have the chance to grow and succeed.

Give praise. In addition to regular performance feed back, it is essential to reinforce employees’ performance with positive encouragement.

What are some other mentoring tips or tactics you’ve found successful? We’d love to hear from you.

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Connecticut Employee Wellness Plans: National Employee Wellness Month

Connecticut Employee Wellness Plans National Employee Wellness MonthConnecticut Employee Wellness Plans: National Employee Wellness Month

June marks the National Employee Wellness Month. On its fifth anniversary, National Employee Wellness month aims to help business leaders learn how companies are engaging their employees to pursue healthy lifestyles. The goal of the initiative is to showcase how prevention strategies in a supportive social community such as the workplace can lead to multiple benefits including improved employee health and productivity, lower healthcare costs and an overall healthy workplace culture.

The workplace places a significant role in individuals’ daily lives, and employee benefits and wellness programs promoting a healthy lifestyle can have a considerable impact. In one survey, 87 percent of employees said they considered health and wellness offerings when choosing an employer. And 70 percent of employees say that wellness programs positively influence the culture at work.

The changes don’t have to be large scale. In honor of National Wellness Month, here are some tips on how employers can encourage a healthy workplace environment.

  • Cater meetings or events with healthy foods.
  • Organize a team for a local softball or rec sports league.
  • Coordinate workplace walking groups before, during lunch breaks, or after work; start lunch time boot camps with calisthenics.
  • Provide healthy eating resources to employees- you can look to various health organizations such as National Employee Wellness Month for a list of various resources.
  • Organize employee potlucks where everyone contributes a healthy recipe.
  • Post hand-washing reminders in the bathroom.
  • Provide healthy snacks for employees to munch on during office hours.
  • Implement an employee wellness plan at work.

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CT Human Resource Consulting: Ping Pong vs. Finance

CT Human Resource Consulting Ping Pong vs. FinanceCT Human Resource Consulting: Ping Pong vs. Finance

The fast track to a high profile job and lucrative paycheck used to be a straight shot: Wall Street. The financiers of the famous institutions have long held a reputation for attracting some of the best, brightest, most ambitious young prospects. And they had no problems getting their pick of recruits. Now, however they have some competition.

There has been a trend across the recruiting industry of young professionals eschewing the corporate investment banker life and instead going cross country to Silicon Valley. It’s a situation of traditional versus funky and modern, the pinstriped, cutthroat corporate world versus the geekier, more collegiate like world of technology.

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York City employment in securities and banking fell 10% to 163,000 jobs compared with a 10% rise in high-tech employment. The increasing regulations, barrage of public criticism and impression of drudgingly long working hours has hurt the finance industry’s image.

Of course it isn’t a cakewalk in tech. Many tech firms work just as long grueling hours. However, employees cite the interesting prospects, flexible schedule and more interesting, less straight-laced environment as less restricting than traditional finance.

The shrinking pool of finance jobs is part of the equation. There has also been an effort by New York City, Pittsburgh and other cities to create seed capital funds and mentorship programs to help attract tech startups.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management provides companies with Connecticut human resource consulting services to effectively and economically identify, screen and acquire executives and staff personnel. Effective recruiting will help in retaining top performers, providing you with not only significant savings but also assisting you in setting the foundation for the level of employee performance required to achieve success in your company. Contact us today for more information about our CT human resource consulting programs. (877) 602-2305

Connecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness: Communicate Through Change

Connecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness Communicate Through ChangeConnecticut Employee Benefits & Wellness: Communicate Through Change

Especially with the upcoming healthcare reforms, employee benefits plans are going through some serious changes. It is essential to establish a strong line of communication. Employee benefits can be a great draw for employees, boosting loyalty and retention rates. However, if they are unaware or uncomfortable using the resources, both the business and employees miss out on a great opportunity. From wellness plans to employee health plans, here are some tips on how to communicate with your employees.

Position changes properly. Many employers will be making some changes to their benefit offerings in the next few years- it is essential to position these changes properly. It isn’t about lying or hiding the facts, but rather to make sure that you explain them thoroughly to employees so they understand and can take full benefit of them.

Wellness. Wellness plans can have multiple benefits. Among them, they help improve employee health which can boost retention, productivity and even lower health costs for employers. But these benefits are lost if employees don’t utilize the benefits. Wellness plans are useless if they aren’t backed up by strong communication initiatives. In-person meetings, newsletters with health & wellness tips, employee exercise programs, goal-setting, and follow-ups can all help employees follow through and utilize the benefits of wellness plans.

Choose the right medium. There are many forms of communication in today’s workplace. Email, meetings, face-to-face, social media, chat; it is essential that you choose the correct medium that your employees will respond to. Companies that are media-savvy might choose a Facebook group or text messaging to drive home the messages. Other companies might work better with traditional email. And sometimes, several communication mediums might be necessary. Try out several to see which options get the best response.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management provides the expertise, experience and suite of products and solutions to help clients protect and build personal wealth. Wallingford, CT Financial planning is a natural extension of our Connecticut employee benefits solutions. It takes a comprehensive, ongoing approach that keeps up to date with changes in your life and business. Contact us today for more information. (877) 602-2305.

Connecticut Hurricane Preparedness

Connecticut Hurricane PreparednessConnecticut Hurricane Preparedness

Tropical storm Andrea formed in the Gulf of Mexico this week, becoming the first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. While it’s not predicted to affect the Northeast, it’s a reminder to take the precautionary steps to prepare of what is expected to be a high activity hurricane season.

Even if you don’t live in a direct coastal town, cities 30 miles away can be impacted by a hurricane. Take the time to look at this checklist to prepare yourself for hurricane season.

Gather information: Know if you live in an evacuation area. Talk with an insurance agent so  you can assess your risks and know your home and business’ vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind. Keep a list of contact information hand for reference- in addition to emergency contacts, make sure you have contact info for the nearest hospitals, utilities, local American Red Cross, local Emergency Management office, law enforcement, fire safety, local TV stations and your local insurance agent.

Prepare an emergency supply kit: Put together a basic disaster supply kit. Keep all emergency contact info in there, along with food, medication, water, medical supplies and any other amenities you might need.

Know the plan: There are several separate procedures you would be aware of. All businesses should have a business continuity plan in place. Family members should know what to do and where to go in the event of a natural disaster. Finally, if you have children, make sure you know their daycare or school’s disaster plan as well.

Finally, make sure you talk to your insurance agent about coverage during national disasters. Make sure your home and business are protected. Contact Sinclair Risk and Financial Management today for more information. (877) 602-2305

Connecticut Employee Benefits: The “Do-it-myself” Mentality

Connecticut Employee Benefits The Do-it-myself MentalityConnecticut Employee Benefits: The “Do-it-myself” Mentality

Deloitte conducted a survey that examined different obstacles that prevent insurers and annuity companies from effectively reaching prospects when it comes to retirement-related products and services.

The survey examined almost 4,500 consumers from a wide range of age and income groups. They identified five barriers: conflicting financial priorities, a failure to communicate effectively with potential prospects (especially in the workplace), a lack of trust in intermediaries, limited awareness and understanding of retirement-related products among consumers, and a “do-it-myself” mentality that many consumers adopt when it comes to preparing for retirement.

The “do-it-yourself” mentality is a valid approach for those with the expertise and knowledge to handle their own retirement planning. However, the majority of consumers

According to the survey results, those that have a formal retirement plan are much more likely to feel financially secure about their future.

As a business owner, this is a product and benefit you can offer to your employees. Not only will you give them to tools to financially secure their future, you can help increase retention and loyalty among your employees. Retirement and benefits plans are top concerns of employees in choosing and staying at a particular company.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management provides the expertise, experience and suite of products and solutions to help clients protect and build personal wealth. Wallingford, CT Financial planning is a natural extension of our Connecticut employee benefits solutions. It takes a comprehensive, ongoing approach that keeps up to date with changes in your life and business. Contact us today for more information. (877) 602-2305