Alternative Risk/Captives

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management has built its reputation on providing clients with solutions that not only include traditional insurance and risk management programs but also alternative solutions that best fit a company’s specific objectives and needs. One such program we offer is the establishment of a captive.
A captive can be a less expensive solution than purchasing conventional insurance and ideal for low-level risks. Setting up a captive allows you to gain control over the world of risk and your own money. You can also obtain coverages that may not be widely available or properly priced in the marketplace, and fill in gaps that may be needed. And, there are tax benefits as well.
What’s more, you can make money with a captive: The captive insurance marketplace in 2010 in the U.S. alone wrote over $7.6 billion in premiums, generating an impressive $2.6 billion in net profits for its participants.
Once considered only an option for Fortune 1000 companies, today there is a growing trend among smaller and mid-level companies to participate in this form of risk transfer. In fact, in the U.S. in 2011, we experienced an increased growth for captives, with 5,745 captives formed compared with 5,587 in 2010. Additionally, we’re seeing a jump in the formation of micro captives, which are specialized captives that are attractive to mid-sized companies because of their favorable tax benefits.
Sinclair is on the leading edge of finding the right solution for each of our clients and has made significant investments in captive expertise. There are many forms each type of captive can take. Whether the solution is a single parent captive, a group captive either participating in a cell or with their own industrial group where the insureds put up collateral and own the facility outright, Sinclair has the right solution for you and your group or association.
Our staff has developed captives from scratch that are extremely profitable for the membership and are ready to develop one for you. From the beginning steps through the analytical stage through the actual issuing of coverage, our clients fully understand both the potential risks and rewards of the venture.
Talk to us about the benefits of establishing up a captive.
Whether you want to join an existing captive or start your own, we have all the right balance of relationships in the marketplace and the experience necessary to maximize the return of the investment you will make when joining a captive. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.