Directors & Officers Insurance

Headlines today feature high-profile companies whose directors and officers have been accused of alleged wrongdoings, such as financial management, misappropriation of funds, and negligence. But these types of accusations and lawsuits hit all types and sizes of businesses.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management we see businesses go without the appropriate risk controls – including insurance – needed to protect the assets of a company and its key individuals in these situations. They either want to save money or they mistakenly believe these types of lawsuits are covered under the company’s General Liability and Umbrella policies. But these policies typically don’t cover management liability losses.

As part of our 360-degree risk management approach, we offer Directors & Officers coverage to protect the business, you, and your directors and officers against claims related to the performance of your duties. Think of it as management errors or omissions coverage.

Coverage and policies can be tailored to individual situations. Liability insurance and defense costs for covered claims are included, with other added features available such as expert counsel to manage a defense.

Going without the right protection can be very costly.
Your day-to-day actions and those of your executive team can land you and your business in court – the target of a lawsuit by investors and shareholders, customers, creditors and lenders, and competitors. Call Sinclair at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page for a review of your insurance program to determine if you’re properly protected.