Enrollment Coordination

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management offers employers enrollment coordination of benefit plans, helping to increase HR productivity and ensuring that this important and time-consuming process works smoothly. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs and what makes the most sense for your operation.

We can provide an on-line secure open enrollment platform that eliminates the hassle of signing up your employees for their benefit plan. Or, for those not ready to use an online system, Sinclair also offers a full-service paper-based enrollment process that includes complete distribution and fulfillment of benefit and enrollment information; forms collection and documentation; data entry and discrepancy resolution; and enrollment confirmation.

Our Enrollment Coordination services also includes:

  • Online employee meetings and follow-up
  • Receiving and processing employee elections
  • Individual employee follow-up when needed
  • Benefit statements

Choose Sinclair for all your benefit communication and enrollment needs.
Give us call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page for a review of your employee benefits and to learn more about our enrollment coordination solutions.