Group Dental Insurance

You’re looking for ways to reward the valuable contributions your employees make to your company. What’s more, the health, satisfaction, and security of your employees are as important to their well-being as they are to the success of your firm. Throughout the years, you’ve worked hard to offer a compensation and Employee Benefits package that attracts and retains quality employees. But in today’s economic market, this isn’t always so easy.

With Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we’ll work with you to offer your company new alternatives and directions to augment your benefits package and provide employees with affordable, attractive healthcare choices. This includes making available Group Dental insurance with several options:

  • A high level of coverage (may include special procedures such as crowns and bridges, dentures, etc.) in addition to regular cleanings, cavity repair, root canals, etc., and maintenance and preventative care. The participating dentists are paid directly based on a set fee schedule. Your employees pay the coinsurance fee.


  • Lower coverage levels for some services, with a higher coinsurance paid by employees. The participating dentists are paid directly based on a set fee schedule, with employees paying the coinsurance.


  • Non-participating plans where set dentist fees are not established. Employees will receive the plan-allowed reimbursement based on the fee schedule for non-participating dentists. A non-participating dentist can bill the employees the difference between the plan’s fee schedule and the dentist’s fee.

Help employees maintain good dental health.
Sinclair has a number of long-term relationships with dental providers to provide your company with carefully designed and cost-effective plans. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page to find out more about our employee benefit solutions.