Group Life Insurance

A recent report by a major life insurer indicates that 51% of individuals surveyed are deeply concerned about the impact their premature death can have on their family’s security. But only about two-thirds of them have life insurance. What’s more, 41% of those with life insurance say they may be underinsured.
As an employer, you can help contribute to the stability and security of your employees by adding Group Life insurance to your benefits package. It’s a great way to offer a more attractive, flexible package that can be shaped and molded by you and your employees.
There are many different types of Group Life plans available that can be tied to employee salaries, wages, and company tenure. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management we can present you with the various types of plans available to determine which option would best fit your employee needs and overall benefits package. You can offer a variety of plans, both term and permanent insurance, for example, with any amount of face value. The amount of Life insurance you provide is up to you and depends on a number of factors, which we’ll review with you.
Reap the rewards of improved employee satisfaction and retention with enhanced employee benefits.
Group Life insurance can be used to provide employee security and help boost loyalty and productivity, the foundation of business growth. We’ll help you in providing a plan that contributes to offering a safety net to employees and their loved ones. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.