Plan Design and Administration

Our Employee Benefits division at Sinclair Risk & Financial Management works with employers to design, structure, and administer a benefits plan that includes health coverage, life insurance, disability, wellness programs, retirement plans, and much more.

In working with us, we strive to design a plan that balances the objectives of both the company and its employees. This requires a thorough analysis and review of the available benefit options, costs, and tax and reporting implications. We combine strategic planning, creative benefit design, and financial management to produce a package with optimized benefits at an affordable cost.

We also collaborate with clients to understand their workforce and the type of options they are looking for in their benefits plan. We’ll prepare related employee communications – critical to the understanding of the value of the benefits being offered.

Sinclair’s services include ensuring compliance with applicable laws and tax regulations in addition to administration services, such as government filings, including Form 1099-Rs/Form 5500s, contribution calculations, plan document preparation, etc.

Creating competitive plans that meet the needs of different generations in the workforce.
Our benefit specialists will determine your needs, look at what you can afford to provide, recommend alternative solutions that fit the needs of your employees who are in various stages in their lives, and provide you with a custom benefits package that meets your company’s unique objectives. Give Sinclair a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page for more information.