Employee Handbook Development

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management has distinguished itself for the last four decades by partnering with our clients to deliver custom-tailored insurance and risk management services, including providing HR services that are based on the unique needs of each business. Part of our turnkey services includes the development of an Employee Handbook, critical in today’s legally charged environment.

Our professional HR consultants work with individual businesses to create a handbook that not only introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees, but also serves to deliver information on company policies, procedures, benefits, and compensation programs. We can develop a new handbook or update your existing one with services that include:

  • Auditing your organization’s policies and practices
  • Making sure that your Employee Handbook contains all necessary legal notices and disclaimer language
  • Recommending a complete set of policy statements that reflect your organization’s goals and objectives for employee relations and communications
  • Explaining your organization’s policies and procedures in language individuals understand in a document lay-out that is reader-friendly
  • Summarizing various employee benefit plans

The handbook will also include information on safety and health, performance review and promotion procedures, rules, regulations, and discipline procedures, and sexual harassment prevention.

An Employee Handbook is fundamental to a sound human resources program.
Give us a call at Sinclair to help you develop an Employee Handbook that can be used as a guide during employee orientation, a recruiting aid, and an employee relations tool. Our number is 203.265.0996; you can also email us or return the form on this page for more information.