Employee Wellness Planning

When Sinclair Risk & Financial Management partners with clients to help them mitigate risk, control losses, reduce expenditures, and maximize value, we look at their company from every angle. This includes reviewing their employee benefits, healthcare, and Workers Comp costs, in addition to their overall approach to promoting healthy living among their employees.

We’ve developed and implemented Employee Wellness Programs for many businesses as a means to promote a healthy lifestyle, help reduce the cost of healthcare, decrease absenteeism and presenteeism rates, and increase productivity. Our staff understands the developmental components of effective employee wellness planning, and has the experience to put in place programs that enhance participation and achieve tangible benefits.

Sinclair’s program includes:

  • A Health Fair that distributes information on stress management, healthful eating, and home health safety
  • Ongoing face-to-face communication and education to employers and employees about wellness and their personal approach to health
  • Newsletters and other information resources
  • Online health risk assessment for personal health risk profiles

Our Wellness Plan also augments consumer-directed health plans, such as health saving accounts (HSAs), which reward participants for making more consumer-oriented health decisions.

Employee wellness and a healthy company work hand-in-hand.
Wellness programs not only deliver proven returns on investment for employers through reduced costs and improved productivity, they can also help drive loyalty. Let Sinclair help implement an employee wellness plan designed to encourage healthy choices. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.