Every business, whether you have an HR division or an individual who manages the various issues related to your workforce, needs a go-to resource to provide information concerning the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

That go-to resource is Sinclair Risk & Financial Management. We’ll help you with information on: which employers and employees are covered under the law, under what circumstances employees are eligible for FMLA leave, how to calculate the correct amount of FMLA leave, what the rules are for allowing and administering intermittent leave, how the FMLA leave affects an employee’s pay and benefits, what the employer’s and employee’s notification requirements are, what the record-keeping requirements are under the law, and how reinstatement and termination work under the law.

We’ll also keep you updated with any changes that can affect your company. Our staff stays current with all legislation that pertains to employee benefits, human resource issues, and much more. We’ll also help you with FMLA compliance so that you avoid DOL fines.

Our expertise is your advantage.
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