Trenching / Excavation

Research indicates that the fatality rate for excavation work is 112% higher than the rate for general construction. OSHA mandates that every professional excavation project have a trained “competent person” in direct control of a project. A “competent person” as defined by OSHA must ultimately have the ability to predict hazards and the authority to make changes to mitigate those hazards after training.

Sinclair’s Safety specialists can help you with Competent Person Trenching / Excavation Training. Topics covered include:

  • General hazards associated with trenching and excavation work
  • Requirements for locating and working near underground utilities
  • Dangers associated with water accumulation
  • Access and egress from trenches and excavations
  • Exposure to vehicular traffic
  • Soil classification
  • Sloping and benching
  • Timber shoring for trenches
  • Aluminum hydraulic shoring for trenches
  • Alternatives to timber shoring
  • Selection of protective systems

Safety training, OSHA compliance is part of our risk management approach.
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