According to a recent study, overexertion remains the top cause of injury in the workplace, costing businesses in 2009 $12.75 billion in direct costs. What’s more, The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Labor Statistics stated in the same year repetitive motion and overexertion injuries resulted on average of 21 days of lost time.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we provide Ergonomic solutions to our clients to help stem losses, maintain healthier employees, and improve productivity. Ergonomics involves fitting the worker to the job or task, which is accomplished by redesigning and modifying tools, materials, or the environment. In doing so, you get a safer work environment, happier and more productive employees, and reduced workers comp claims.

The workplace puts an enormous stress on the body, which for many results in discomfort and pain. Proper training and changes can help to alleviate that stress. We can help you accomplish this.

Identifying ergonomics challenges and finding the right solutions is key to health and safety.
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