Program Audit

One of the key loss control services Sinclair Risk & Financial Management provides to our clients is a Program Audit. This involves auditing any program that would or could impact a company from a safety and risk management perspective.

We typically focus on:

Company Culture – The cornerstone of our risk management program, we look at a company’s beliefs, responsibilities, and philosophies to help assess how management and the staff approach safety, risk, accountability, and so forth.

Standard Operating Procedures – We evaluate on a three-tier basis: Is a company in compliance? Are the procedures in sync with the company culture? Are the operating procedures cohesive among one another?

Incentive/Awareness Programs – We evaluate on a four-tier basis: Does the program meet company objectives? Is it in sync with the company culture? Are the goals obtainable and reasonable? Can management track and maintain the program?

Safety Programs – We take a seven-step approach: Does the program match up with company culture? Does it meet federal or state compliance? Are objectives laid out clearly? Are expectations identified? Are responsibilities assigned? Are training goals established? Is the auditing process in place?

We take your safety and risks seriously.
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