Safety Committee

Many states require that employers have safety committees. For example, Connecticut requires all private and public sector employers to develop safety committees at each worksite with 25 or more employees, but there are caveats and exceptions to this requirement. And, unfortunately, some employers are not always sure if they need to set up a committee or even how to go about establishing one. The expert staff at Sinclair Risk & Financial Management is equipped to design and help implement a safety committee for your company.

The purpose of a safety committee is to bring employers and employees together in a collaborative effort to promote health and safety at each worksite. It’s set up to share ideas regarding: safety inspections, investigating occupational accidents and illnesses, evaluating accident and illness prevention programs, establishing training programs to identify and reduce hazards that damage employee reproductive systems, and much more.

Sinclair will help you with:

  • Committee Membership and Composition
  • Selecting Committee Members and a Committee Chair
  • Establishing Committee Meetings (frequency, topics)
  • Recordkeeping
  • Training of Committee Members

Leverage our safety experience.
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