Task Specific Job Hazard Analysis

Risk is defined as the chance that an individual and/or the environment will suffer or otherwise be impacted by injury, illness, death or physical conditions. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we look at risk and how best to help our clients prevent and manage it. Our strategies take many approaches including working with you to conduct a Job Hazard Analysis.

A Task Specific Job Hazard Analysis is created to meet three simple but imperative goals: job assessment, identifying the potential risk, and implementing corrective actions. When conducting an assessment, it’s critical to distinguish jobs or tasks that could generate risk to workers, co-workers, and/or the environment through a comprehensive survey of the job location. Our Sinclair risk management specialists will assist you with this assessment.

Then we will look at identifying risk which is a two-fold process: First, it is imperative to train employees and management on how to identify risk. Second, you need to develop risk identification tools for employees and managers to use. These tools provide senior management with the opportunity to take corrective action before the job even begins and to control costs. We can assist you with development and implementation of the complete risk identification process.

Corrective actions are a direct result of what was discovered through the initial job assessment and risk identification process. Sinclair’s Environmental Health & Safety Specialists can work with your staff to design these corrective actions. Such actions typically include administrative and engineering controls, PPE and environmental assessments, and economical and legal ramifications.

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