Flood Insurance

Your home is quite likely one of the largest financial investments you’ll ever make, as well as one of the most emotional; it is your family’s safe haven. However, that safety could be threatened in the event of a sudden flood, if severe floodwater intrusion were to damage or destroy your home.

Because floods do occur in Connecticut and surrounding areas, the team of professionals at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management considers Flood insurance an important part of a comprehensive protection plan for your home.

Flood insurance offers protection not only from flood-related damages, but also from losses resulting from heavy rains, flood surges, snow melts, storm drain backups, and more – risks that are excluded from your standard Homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance is available on a standard or preferred risk basis; we can tell you more about this, and advise you of whether your home is located in a participating community of the National Flood Insurance Program.

Depending on the coverage available in your particular area, you may obtain separate coverage for your home and its contents, if desired.

We can keep you on higher ground.
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