Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance is designed to provide coverage beyond your standard Homeowners policy, providing increased protection for everything from jewelry, and fine art to boats, cameras, golf carts, coin collections, wine collections, musical instruments, silverware, stamps, bicycles, and other personal property.

The professional team at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management is privileged to provide a variety of insurance products and risk management services to our Connecticut clients, and we would be happy to explain why Inland Marine coverage can be a crucial component to your insurance program. Take bicycles, for example — which can rise sharply in price based on the quality and design of materials and components, weight, size, manufacturer, etc.

Bikes are just one of many items for which a standard Homeowners policy would provide coverage at a set limit — an amount that may not begin to approach the significant worth of many types of racing or mountain bikes. Inland Marine “floats” above your Homeowners policy to protect your covered property at its full-appraised value, regardless of where it is located within the boundaries named by the policy at the time of the loss.

Helping our clients understand these and other nuances of insurance is what Sinclair does best. We can evaluate your insurance program to identify any gaps in protection that expose you to undue risk — and we do so in an environment that offers cutting-edge products and technology, yet in a personal, hands-on manner from a bygone era.

Your valuables deserve added protection.
Is your wine collection specifically covered? If not, you have limited coverage. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and tell you more about Inland Marine and other coverages, and perform a comprehensive risk analysis that can help lessen the chance of a loss. Please feel free to call us at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.