Life Insurance

Life insurance is an amazing versatile product. The basic yet overwhelming questions that many people are perplexed by include how much Life insurance do you really need, and what kind of Life insurance do you need?

The experienced Life insurance specialists at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can help you find your way through the maze of options. We evaluate your wants and needs and map a strategy that will accomplish your goals. We then select from top-rated Life insurers in the country to find the coverage type and amount that offer you the greatest overall value:

  • Term Life insurance provides pure, simplified coverage, and does not contain any cash value feature.
  • Whole Life insurance combines an investment product with pure Term Life insurance to provide permanent coverage that includes guaranteed premiums, death benefits, and a cash value growth feature.
  • Universal Life insurance provides flexible, permanent coverage, with a lesser emphasis on cash value.

In the event of your passing, the Life insurance you selected will provide a legacy of care and consideration for your family, who can use the death benefit to make up for your lost income, send your children to college, eliminate your household mortgage or other debts, and pay for your funeral expenses.

What do you want out of life (insurance)?
Deconstructed, Life insurance is a contract, pure and simple – but in reality, it represents so much more. The professionals at Sinclair welcome an opportunity to discuss your Life and other insurance needs to give you true peace of mind. At your convenience, we invite you to call us at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.