Yacht Insurance

Yachts are a distinctive type of private vessel, unrivaled in their performance, luxury, and elegance. Insuring them requires a particular knowledge of this superb watercraft and navigational territories that only comes from being closely associated with the high-value vessel industry and extremely knowledgeable about the coverage that protects it.

The Yacht insurance specialists at the Sinclair Risk & Financial Management have the years of experience necessary to navigate through myriad risks and policy features to protect you and your yacht from those risks. Because yachts need specific coverage that standard Marine policies don’t offer, we select from the top-most echelon of specialty insurers that cater to this industry. So whether your vessel is a motor yacht, a mega yacht, or something in between, we can personalize a policy that allows you to set sail or drop anchor without a care in the world.

Coverage you’ll be glad to take aboard.
Your yacht represents a significant dollar investment, and the Yacht specialists at Sinclair will further protect it by providing you with an individualized risk assessment and tools to help reduce or even eliminate risks that threaten your fair-weather asset. To learn more, at your leisure please hail us at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page to request a quote at no obligation.