Exotic Cars

Obtaining an exotic or collector car can be the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Each era has its style and attraction with prices to match. You may be undertaking a lengthy restoration, or looking to make your retro ride a lazy Sunday indulgence. Whatever your intentions, because of the significant dollar investment of your collector car and its unique nature, special insurance is what’s needed.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management has access to specialty insurance markets to find you the right coverages and features for your exotic car. We can secure a policy to protect the true value of your car, and include an option to increase coverage on the vehicle to reflect changes in market value anytime prior to a covered loss.

We can also tailor a program to include a zero deductible feature so that you have no out-of-pocket costs; high liability limits; mileage plan options based on one that fits your needs; automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles for a specified time; inflation guard; and other unique coverages designed for this niche.

Discounts may also be available for certain qualifications such as membership in a car club, extremely low annual mileage, coverage for hard-to-find parts, and more.

Did you know that most policies for collector or exotic cars limit coverage to $125,000 total value?
We have programs that will insure collections worth millions. Give one of our professionals a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page to discuss your specific needs and to ensure that you get the coverage you require.