Fine Art Insurance

Some time ago, you purchased a fine painting that caught your eye… then an etching, several more paintings, and even one or two sculptures — and before you knew it, you had become a serious art collector in your own right. Over time, you managed to amass a beautiful collection that graces your home—and because several of the artists you’ve collected became increasingly celebrated, the value of your collection has grown considerably. Of course you have Homeowners insurance (which includes a limited amount for fine art), but is your investment as well protected as it should be? Not likely, unless you have a Fine Arts Floater.

A Fine Arts Floater is often one of the most important, yet most overlooked, aspects of an overall financial program. For true asset protection, you should consider integrating a Fine Arts Floater into your program from Sinclair Risk & Financial Management Group (either as a floater attached to your Homeowners insurance or as a separate policy) to cover these items and other fine art, such as antique furniture, collectibles, and more.

Sinclair has the staff that possesses many years of experience in insuring fine art pieces. With a trained eye, they can expertly evaluate your fine art assets to recommend the right coverage and limits, and assess the potential exposures around your home that may put your fine art at risk, such as theft, water intrusion, light and heat damage, and fire.

We’ve got the art of risk management covered.
If you are an owner of fine art, we’d like to discuss how to protect your investment for the next generation and beyond. Please call us today for fine art insurance at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.