Wine Collections

Sinclair’s Private Client Group division works with several clients who have an extensive wine collection in their home. We understand the value of such a collection and the need for specialized insurance to protect against fire, theft, flood, and breakage in addition to unique exposures that can cause a significant loss.

Sinclair Risk & Financial Management can provide you with coverage that goes beyond what is typically available. For example, most policies limit values for temperature change and other losses to $10,000. We have programs that insure collections worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition, our programs cover a wide spectrum of perils, including coverage for losses due to power outage or mechanical breakdown of heating, cooling, and humidity control equipment; automatic coverage up to 100% of the itemized limit for wine on the policy for new purchases for up to 90 days; and worldwide coverage.

You can choose a blanket coverage option in which your entire collection is covered under one limit, itemized coverage for your more valuable wines, or a combination of the two options.

We also work with insurance companies and wine experts to offer comprehensive wine protection programs that include not only securing the proper insurance coverages but also implementing effective loss control services and inventory systems.

Providing a higher standard of protection for your wine collection.
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