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Risk Solutions Client Portal
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RISK SOLUTIONS CLIENT PORTAL is your personalized website that allows you to effortlessly click, connect and communicate with Sinclair Risk & Financial Management. This Portal provides timely news, information, and resources to save you time and manage everyday work tasks.

Portal Highlights:

  • We provide resources to promote safety and risk management at every level of your company with materials such as:
    • Comprehensive safety manual
    • Operational policies
    • Risk insights
    • Employee safety pieces
    • Coverage explanations
    • Checklists
    • Supervisor safety talks
    • Newsletters
    • Workplace safety posters
  • Connect with other professionals in your field by entering group discussions, or post a message of your own
  • Employee newsletters, flyers and posters support wellness programs to improve employee health and reduce costs.
  • Support HR with educational articles, employee handbook policies, forms and more.
  • Deliver guidance on COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Health Care Reform, Section 125, ADA and more.