Risk Safeguard Advantage

With 40-plus years serving businesses throughout our communities, Sinclair Risk & Financial Management has been at the forefront of changing the way advisors look at risk and develop strategies to preserve a company’s balance sheet while increasing profits.

Sinclair’s Risk Safeguard AdvantageTM system was borne out of a philosophy that combines uncommon risk analysis and strategic risk management with human resources consulting and training to provide measurable, sustainable results. Our proprietary platform is a financial risk management system designed to dramatically reduce organizational exposures and premium costs while consistently improving team productivity and morale.

How do we do this for you? The foundation of our Risk Safeguard AdvantageTM is based on five critical steps:

Vision: Together with you, we take a complete look at your goals and objectives, and define unique measurements for success.

Evaluation: We then take an in-depth look at your facility through a comprehensive onsite assessment. We’ll identify gaps and areas of improvement, suggest strategies, and begin to develop a complete risk analysis.

Analysis: We’ll match strategic solutions with problems, goals with opportunities, and needs with expertise. With clear steps to implementation and a cost-benefit analysis, we chart the course for results.

Implementation: You can then count on us to keep our promise and implement a broad spectrum of operational and safety training programs with impeccable attention to detail, uncompromising attentiveness to your needs, and a persistent vigilance about your bottom line.

Accountability: You’ll receive a Stewardship Report every six months with a review of our goals, progress, and your income statement and balance sheet, to remain accountable.

We stand by our word.
As partners in your business, Sinclair’s aim is to protect, improve, and continuously advance results. Please give us a call to find more about our Risk Safeguard AdvantageTM and how we can deliver results to your organization. Our number is 203.265.0996.