Accident Investigation Programs

Billions of dollars are spent each year by businesses due to on-the-job accidents. This includes medical bills, increased Workers Compensation premiums, lost time payments, and damage to property and equipment. What’s more, businesses also suffer indirect, soft costs that need to be taken into account, such as decreased employee morale, increased hiring costs, reputational damage, and diminished customer relations.

Managing accidents properly helps reduce incidents in addition to providing your organization with significant savings. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we offer our clients the tools to implement an effective Accident Investigation Program that will:

  • Help identify inefficiencies and improve total quality
  • Develop accident trend information
  • Focus supervisors’ attention on safety and help them consider methods for preventing future accidents
  • Help monitor the effectiveness of your safety program
  • Implement an accident and injury reporting process
  • Eliminate or reduce hazardous conditions or unsafe acts that cause accidents
  • Establish and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence
  • Maintain accident reports

We put programs in place designed to prevent accidents, control costs.
We’ll help implement policies, procedures, and training needed for an effective accident investigation program as part of your overall operational risk management strategy. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page.