Business Continuity

Business ContinuityIf your business is affected by a major incident, is there a plan in place for services or products to be continually delivered to your customers? Are you dependent on key personnel for certain skills? Should something happen to one of your key employees, could you pick up the pieces? Which suppliers do you depend on for certain products in order to deliver your services?

All of these issues are an inherent part of doing business, and all involved the ability to continue your business. At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management we look at Business Continuity as a key element of the risk function, and develop a planning process that helps to ensure critical services or products are delivered during a disruption. Critical services or products are those that must be delivered to ensure survival, avoid causing injury, and meet the legal or other obligations of an organization.

We’ll help identify necessary resources to support business continuity, including information, equipment, insurance, financial allocations, legal counsel, infrastructure planning, personnel, and accommodations. We’ll then develop a customized continuity plan that reduces risk exposures, increases emergency response preparedness, and provides far more efficient use of resources.

Your business operation must go on.
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