Industry Benchmarking

Industry Benchmarking ConsultingSinclair Risk & Financial Management’s customized Benchmarking Analysis allows us to provide data and meaningful reports to our clients, comparing key cost indicators that drive claims within the industries we serve. Based on this data, we can focus our attention on specific issues responsible for driving costs in a client’s operation and develop a plan that addresses these cost drivers. We’re able to identify areas for change, measure performance and improvement, and execute cost-saving steps.
The key cost drivers that we’ll look at in Property, Casualty, Employee Benefits, and Workers Compensation include: average cost per claim, average expense per claim, average number of claims per unit of exposure, average lag between reporting and payment dates and the average cost in excess of specified retention. We will also assess how your organization is doing in terms of OSHA compliance and loss prevention.
Optimize performance, improve profitability.
Benchmarking helps companies gain an independent perspective about how well they’re performing compared to others and their industry. Give us a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page to find out more about benchmarking service.