Claim Review

Experience has shown us that a wealth of information exists in a client’s past claims and loss runs. As your advisor, Sinclair Risk & Financial Management we’ll dig deep into your claims history to determine trends and other vital information that, when pinpointed and separated, can help us implement action plans to prevent injuries, stem losses, and dramatically impact your loss profile and pricing.

Our staff will look at decreasing the average length of time a claim remains open and help determine if continued investigation is needed before a settlement is reached. This includes evaluating all open claims, including those for Property, Public Liability, Workers Compensation, General Liability, Directors and Officers, Employment Practices Liability, and more. Additionally, we’ll determine if the deductibles on your insurance policies are in line with your loss profile and make any necessary adjustments.

We’ll also look at whether a pattern of injuries exists at your operation and determine what types of additional loss control programs can be implemented to prevent these from occurring.

The data helps tell the story.
We’ll look at the entire picture so that we can provide you with information that will help determine what changes are needed to minimize losses. Please give Sinclair call at 203.265.0996, or email us to discuss your program and Claim Review.