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Sinclair safety trainingBusinesses and their employees require the appropriate tools and resources to maintain a competitive, healthy advantage and drive profitability. The Sinclair Institute of Training provides ongoing training seminars and modules for your employees at all levels. Topics range from compliance to general awareness enabling business owners, middle management, and laborers to focus on topics that matter. Training is provided by Sinclair Risk Managers that specialize in loss control, human resources, risk transfer, claims management, and health and wellness.

The training is conducted at the Sinclair Training facility in Wallingford Connecticut, via a web series, and partnering association locations. We invite you to take a look at this year’s training schedule:


March 2012: OSHA 101 for Supervisors, Foreman, Project Managers
Four-hour interactive session regarding OSHA standards and responsibilities of supervisors. OSHA’s increased inspections and citation affect your bottom line. Give your supervisors the appropriate tools to enhance workplace safety.

    • OSHA’s authority
    • Citation process
    • Inspection procedures
    • Recordkeeping
    • OSHA standards overview
    • Health and safety written programs
    • Resources

May 2012: Building a Functional Fleet Safety Program

    • DOT/FMCSA updates/rule changes
    • New rule banning hand held cell phones with fines up to $11,000 for employers
    • The maximum number of hours a truck driver can work within a week has been reduced. Will this affect your operation?

July 2012: Record Retention

    • Maintenance of files, storage and disposal
    • Executing I9 requirements

September 2012: Workers Comp Experience MOD Split Point Change. Don’t be Caught Off Guard!

    • You MOD may change 5 points over night starting in 2013
    • Develop an action plan and be proactive prior to the changes
    • Understanding a Workers Compensation Cost containment system


What Does Your Works Comp Mod Worksheet Really Mean?
Injury codes, loss limits, primary vs. excess, expected losses. WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN? Simple tricks to understanding your Workers Compensation cost.

Accident Investigation
Listen to a mock accident investigation from start to finish with all the hiccups you may have already encountered.

Workers Comp Cost Containment
Learn how to incorporate risk and safety management best practices. Developing a safety program that meets the needs of your company’s specific risks and loss sources.
Providing training solutions for the future.
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