Workers Compensation Experience Mod Management

Workers Comp Ex ModCalculating Workers Comp rates is complex. It’s also susceptible to errors, which significantly affects the amount of premium a business spends. These errors can occur when determining the experience modification factor. While most employers realize that a lower experience modification rating is good, many don’t recognize the opportunity for control they have over this and the resulting impact on their net cost of workers compensation insurance.

With Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we’ll bring valuable insight and assistance in the management of your experience modification rating as an important cost driver. Our services include:

  • Analyzing and verifying the accuracy of experience modifier calculations
  • Identifying the minimum mod possible and calculate the controllable mod, showing potential premium savings
  • Analyzing losses to show what specific losses cost in increased premiums, including frequency and severity ratio
  • Enhancing communication of the factors impacting the mod and direct primary loss prevention services
  • Providing increased accuracy of cost allocation and risk management decisions for planning


Of course, having a sound safety program, Return-to-Work program, and loss prevention procedures to reduce loss frequency is critical. In addition, an effective self-inspection and accident investigation program are critical to managing claim frequency. Sinclair will provide you with all these services as part of our Risk Safeguard AdvantageTM program.

Let us review your experience mod.
Many employers suffer from high mods due to errors made in risk management and claims handling which ultimately results in high premiums. Give Sinclair a call at 203.265.0996, email us, or return the form on this page for more information about how we can help you lower your costs.