Energy Dealers

Insurance for energy dealersSinclair Risk & Financial Management offers a customized, comprehensive risk management and insurance program for Energy Dealers to protect businesses from risks of financial loss. Our staff’s knowledge of this complex and ever-changing industry helps us identify and protect against the exposures your unique operation encounters.

As part of our in-depth risk management approach, we will conduct a thorough survey and analysis of your operation to identify potential loss exposures and provide solutions to help mitigate them; assist in establishing formal safety, maintenance, hiring and training programs; implement driver safety programs; analyze claims by energy industry and workers comp experts; and much more.

Our Energy Dealer Insurance program includes:


  • General Liability – includes clean-up for release of pollutants from heating system service/repair at customer’s site
  • Automobile Liability – includes pollution liability for over-the-road accidents and for loading/unloading spills at customer & supplier sites
  • Automatic Fill Liability coverage – coverage for liability if automatic delivery schedule is not met
  • Erroneous Delivery coverage for clean-up costs
  • Fuel Oil & Propane Gas Physical Loss coverage due to vehicle accidents while in transit


We’ll help you balance your obligations to the environment, community, and company’s bottom line.
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