At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, we believe that global companies with subsidiaries overseas should receive the same high standard of service enjoyed by their U.S. parent. As part of our commitment to deliver that standard, we’ve partnered with the Trust Risk Control broker alliance, a leading network of independent brokers who share our values and vision. Trust Risk Control has members in over 140 countries around the world.

Unlike our major competitors, who handle the local subsidiaries of multi-national corporations in “reverse-flow” processing centers, which are often far from a client’s premises, our local broker partners are all strong, independent companies which have a leading position in their country’s insurance market. The brokers we recommend are highly experienced in handling both the local subsidiaries of global parents and major domestic companies and pride themselves on the same top quality of personal service on which Sinclair has built its reputation.

Under a global service plan, we will control the service provided to your local managers and tailor what you need to fit your specific requirements. This will establish the goals for your global risk and insurance program, the procedures and processes by which these will be achieved and the measures by which our performance will be judged. The role of the local broker will be clear and they will be fully accountable both to your local managers and to us at the center.

Each of our local brokers is able to provide advise and manage the full range of global and local policies required in each country in which you operate. This is where we distinguish ourselves and offer a tangible advantage compared to the large global brokers, whose “reverse-flow” teams are often not well versed in non-global coverages, such as Auto and Workers’ Compensation. As major local brokers, our partners continuously deal with such policies and have good contacts with the specialist local insurance markets. Therefore, they are always up to speed and able to achieve the best deals while complying with all local regulations.

We’ll also assign a senior individual within each local broker as your account manager. Often a shareholder or partner, this individual has a personal vested interest in providing the best service to the local client management team and maintaining the relationship over a long period of time. It also means that the continuity of service teams will be excellent, as owners of a business rarely move on.

Insurance broking is very much a relationship business. It is the experience, knowledge and commitment of the small team handling your account that will matter most, not how many people in total the broker employs. We have found that the dynamism, work ethic, and expertise of our local broker partners more than compensates for a lack of ownership.

We’re confident that our customer focused and highly personal approach will bring considerable benefits at the corporate and subsidiary level. We will provide excellent communication, pro-active global account management and visible service teams across the globe.

Experience the difference Sinclair provides – whether your operations are here at home or abroad.
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