“Sinclair Insurance Group is more than an insurance agency. From risk management to human resources, the team at SIG is now an integrated resource for our organization. They have dedicated themselves to understanding our business and their service in addressing our opportunities has been exceptional. It’s a good feeling to know we have a team of cross- functional experts continually working to protect and grow our business.”

Michael Batista
Batista Companies

"Sinclair Insurance Group has met City Tire’s needs every step of the way. Operating 11 locations in four states presents some unique challenges for risk management and HR Administration. Sinclair has met these unique challenges in all our lines, including P&C, Health Insurance and HR compliance, Disability coverage, 401(k) management and administration, and most importantly Workers Compensation ratings and safety programs. They consistently put service first, and are always looking for ways to improve City Tire’s coverage, compliance, and safety programs."

Jeff Martin
City Tire

"Since they have become our broker, the Sinclair team, especially Sal D'Amoto and Debbie Shelton, have been responsive to the Basketball Hall of Fame needs. If we have a question, we get a response in minutes. If we have a problem, they are available 24 hours a day. Without question, they provide superior client service."

"The Sinclair team has delivered the Basketball Hall of Fame significant reductions in premium costs and with superior coverage and service."

Don Senecal
Basketball Hall of Fame

"My advice when it comes to purchasing insurance: make informed decisions and don’t fall into the “circle-the-low-number” trap. Sinclair Insurance not only prices their products very competitively, they offer customer service before AND after the sale that’s second to none."

Robert C. Leety, President
Horberg Industries, Inc.

“All members of the Sinclair Insurance team, especially our main contact Lori Porter, have provided us with dependable and knowledgeable services for our company’s insurance needs for the past 12 years.”

Deborah Parkinson, Operations Manager
The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center

"I wanted to take this time to thank all of you for the tremendous effort put into making our Employee Wellness Fair such a great success. I know how much time and work goes into preparing and executing events like this, and the team at Sinclair certainly goes above and beyond. Not only were the displays educational and interactive but visually appealing and creative as well!...The staff at the various stations were both professional and knowledgeable, and we appreciate them sharing their knowledge with our employees..."

Susan Richardson
Advance Mold & Mfg.

"Sinclair has provided brokerage services for our general property and casualty insurance needs for several years. They consistently obtain optimal insurance coverage at the most economical prices. And they provide many beneficial services to us throughout the year: safety tips and seminars, fast claims processing, practical on-the-fly insurance advice, prompt vehicle registrations, general on-going risk management training, and more. We're glad to have Sinclair as our insurance partner."

Eileen M Morin, CPA
Maybury Material Handling

"Having worked with the Sinclair Insurance Group for over 10 years, I have always found them to be professional and thorough. In this time of constantly rising medical premiums, they have used their expert knowledge to seek creative approaches to containing costs and maximizing coverage. The integrity, professionalism and dedication they bring to our account is nothing short of extraordinary. I would highly recommend the Sinclair Insurance Group.

Stephen Saltzman, Esq.
Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP

"The Sinclair Agency has a team of safety professionals that go the extra mile to provide us with quality information and training we need to operate safely every day."

Harold Hopkins
Builders Concrete, MTAC Member

"Our other agent couldn't get the insurance we needed and brought Sinclair in."

"They collaborate to make sure things are what they should be -- they are great."

Mike Giordano
Giordano Construction

"They become part of your team -- they get to know your business and the people in the business and they save you a boatload of money."

"They keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening in the industry -- IN OUR AREA -- what are similar companies struggling with and what they are doing to improve..."

"They care. They are here because they have value to add and can help us to be better."

Steve Arnold
Advance Mold & Mfg.

"They get things done, they jump right in and get right on it."

"We wouldn't trade them for a lower bid because we know the service won't be there."

"They go far above and beyond what they are being asked to do."

Cheryl Pinto
JF Fredericks Tool

"Sinclair helps you deal with and solve the problems."

"The most unique thing about Sinclair is...the concept of getting into your business, understanding what you do."

Joe Peters
Universal Plastics