Live and Drive Safely: 6 Essential Ways Truckers Can Stay Healthy

Marty SheaCommercial Auto Insurance, Trucking and Transportation

Trucking doesn’t lend itself to healthy lifestyles. You’re cramped into a small space, miles from home and familiar places. It’s easy to chow down a Twinkie because it’s quick or sip a triple-sugar coffee to stay awake. However, your health is the most important thing you have. Here are a few ways you can stay healthy on the road. 1. … Read More

Job Descriptions: Many businesses overlook this key HR must have – do you?

Marty SheaBusiness Insurance, Human Resources, Risk Management

Job descriptions are an essential component of any organization. Not only is it important that they are thorough and accurate when first crafted, it is also vital that they are kept up-to-date, as employees’ job functions may evolve. Inaccurate or outdated job descriptions can also negatively affect recruiting and productivity, are a detriment to the employer-employee relationship and pose serious … Read More

Life is a highway. Drive safe this summer

Marty SheaAuto Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, Risk Management, Trucking and Transportation

You’ve been on the road for hours, hauling your load in the sweltering heat. The sun is so hot it crawls on your skin. You have only a few miles to reach your destination to get some needed rest when your rig starts to overheat. Your day just got longer…. and hotter. Summer driving for long-haul truckers present certain challenges. … Read More