Prepping Your Vehicle for Winter

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As the temperature drops and the skies turn gray, natures’ animals prepare for the great hibernation that is winter. Squirrels stockpile nuts, bears fatten themselves up, birds fly south, and us humans head to the store and buy a new winter coat. For those of us with opposable thumbs, we also have to prepare other things for winter that are … Read More

Use caution when Decking the Halls!

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Every year without fail, insurance agents across the country handle thousands of claims involving home fires due to holiday decorations.  Sadly, most of these incidents could have been avoided saving the homeowners from heartache – and a lot of money. Here are some great tips from the National Safety Council (Click HERE for the full brochure!) TREES Many artificial trees … Read More

Home Buyer 101: Basics for First Time Buyers

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Buying your first home is one of the most exciting times in life. Embarking on the path to being a homeowner is your dream, and in your heart you’re ready for it. It’s a big deal, and buying a home for the first time can be one of the scariest most nerve-wracking experiences of your life. But it doesn’t have … Read More

How High-Net-Worth Individuals Can Protect Their Assets from Lawsuits

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High-net-worth individuals face a greater risk of being sued, especially when unemployment is high and economic growth is tenuous. According to a survey by ACE Private Risk Services, 80% of households with $5 million or more in assets believe their wealth makes them a target for lawsuits. These are real fears. Under the doctrine of joint and several liability, any … Read More

15 Summertime Safety Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Summer is officially here along with the glaring sun and balmy temperatures. Some of us have jobs that put us out in the sun. Many of us are just excited to spend weekends in the fresh air. However, fun  in the sun can turn dangerous quickly if you aren’t prepared. Here are some summertime safety tips to keep you (and your loved … Read More

Home Renovation 101: Four Steps you MUST do before you pick up the hammer

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As the seasons change, homeowners begin to think about tackling that latest house project – from redoing a kitchen to installing a pool to adding on an addition.  Whether your plans are small or large, make sure you’re prepared and covered before a shovel goes into the ground or a paint brush touches the wall.   Some people take the do-it-yourself … Read More

Stay afloat with these boating safety tips

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Shorts, flip-flops, BBQs and cold brews. Tis the season of sunshine and Topsiders. (They’re back. Just ask Hip Daddy.) As the mercury creeps up, so does the popularity of those who own boats. Popular you may be, but what you don’t want are claims against your watercraft insurance policies. (Boat and yacht owners -…you do have watercraft insurance right?) Yes, … Read More