Wallingford Car Insurance: Ready to Go Electric?

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Wallingford Car Insurance: Ready to Go Electric? Wallingford Car Insurance: Ready to Go Electric?

If you have been contemplating going green the next time you are ready to purchase a vehicle, you might have realized that you have an expanding number of options. Over the last decade, dozens of low emissions vehicles have emerged as affordable options on the consumer market from nearly all of the largest producers in the auto industry. Once limited to gas and electric hybrids, consumers now have to options to go partially or fully electric, and with new technologies emerging every year it is becoming increasingly apparent that green vehicles are the future. But according to recent reports, not everyone is ready to go electric.

According to Edmunds, an auto research firm and consumer resource, sales of all-electronic vehicles, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids have accounted for just 3.6% of new-car sales thus far in 2014. Which is slightly less than their presence in last year’s auto sale statistics. The data suggests that the sale of green vehicles has stalled in an otherwise booming auto market. But why?

The Alternative Fuel Data Center, a division of the U.S. Department of Energy, advocates that hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can help reduce U.S. reliance on imported petroleum, increase energy security and reduce your own negative impact on the environment. It would seem the green vehicles are a win-win for everyone, consumers, the environment and even the country as a whole, yet consumers hold their reservations about these new autos. Experts suggest that the primary reluctance for many consumers is anxiety about the capabilities and limits of these vehicles.

While there a similar probability of running out of gas as there is a likelihood of running out electric charge or battery-juice, motorists still remain fearful about the capabilities of the new technologies. Other concerns many consumers hold are whether the vehicles are reliable, cost effective and whether they will fit the user’s lifestyle. Advocates of green vehicles however, are increasing their efforts to educate consumers about the benefits of electronic vehicles in hopes of inspiring more widespread adoption of the technology.  The University of Davis’s Institute of Transportation Studies has even crafted a clever and entertaining web application to help consumers determine what type of low emissions vehicle is the best fit for your family.

Are you ready to go electric?

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