Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips


Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips Everyone has an opinion. Social media has amplified consumer feedback into larger than life megaphones that can affect a restaurant’s business if not managed properly. They also can be exceptional tools to generate buzz for your establishment. This post, Restaurant Insurance: Online Marketing Tips, is brought to you by Sinclair Restaurant Insurance programs. Social media … Read More

Technology Insurance: GoogleEDU Helps Employees Stay Ahead of Curve


The tech industry is based upon continually evolving innovation, and tech companies will stop at nothing to recruit the best and brightest. In one of our recent posts, we discussed how many companies are recruiting students before they graduate from college. Now, they are pouring millions of dollars into educational programs and resources, to not only recruit the best and … Read More

Technology Insurance: Pros & Cons of Virtual Companies


Technology Insurance: Pros & Cons of Virtual Companies Many businesses now rest solely on electronic information. The Wall Street Journal estimates the amount of electronic information in the world doubles every two years. The availability and nature of the technology industry allows many companies do to just that; become entirely virtual. Gone is the need for cubicles and conference rooms. … Read More

Manufacturing Insurance: Robots Playing More Intricate Role


Typically, robots in factories haven’t worked alongside humans. Safety concerns have kept them contained in cages away from workers so no one is injured or maimed and manufacturing insurance is kept to a minimum. Now, however, technology is beginning to change that. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, companies including Japan’s Kawada Industries, Inc. and Fanuc Corp. are … Read More

Technology Start-Up Insurance: Forget the Degree and Get to Work


The stories of techie college dropouts who have gone on to create multimillion dollar start-ups are Silicon Valley lore. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. The list goes on and on, and tech companies today are paying big to find the next visionary. In the fast paced world of technology, companies are looking, at risk of sounding tiredly cliché, for … Read More

Health & Wellness: Dangers of Sitting at Your Desk

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12 hour workdays behind the desk can do more than strain your eyesight and heighten stress levels. Multiple studies, from the American Cancer Society and others all found that a sedentary desk job (i.e. what a growing portion of American workers have) is linked to back pain, repetitive stress injuries, obesity, and even increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. … Read More

Health Industry: Does My Insurance Cover This?

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“Is this covered by my health insurance?” It is the ultimate question in healthcare, and one that isn’t always easily answered off the top of your head. Now, startup Drchrono announced a new update to its app that provides instant access to patient insurance eligibility. The app pulls up a patient’s real time health insurance eligibility information, including coverage type, … Read More

Exotic Car Collections: Factors For Assessing Value

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The challenge in investing in exotic cars is not only choosing models that you will enjoy, but investing in wise options that will help your collection appreciate over the years to come. Paul Sullivan of the Wall Street Journal recently attended the Greenwich Concours d’Elégance in Connecticut. Delving through the concept cars, roadster, and muscle cars, he spoke with several … Read More

Employees Benefits Trends: Win Money for Eating Healthy

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Corporate wellness and gaming has collided, resulting in a game where you receive incentives for losing weight. In an everlasting battle to motivate people to make healthier lifestyle choices, engineers at I.B.M. created a computer program that would help individuals lose weight, and win money. The premise is simple: participants are rewarded for eating well and discouraged for eating poorly. … Read More

Energy Industry: Consumers Willing to Pay for Clean Energy


Consumers are willing to pay more to make the switch to clean energy- with a few stipulations. According to the New York Times, a new study of public opinion found that people are willing to pay slightly more to switch to cleaner energy. The study evaluated public support for a national clean energy standard (NCES). Conducted by Yale and Harvard … Read More