Best Office Design Tips

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Best Office Design TipsBest Office Design Tips

American workers spend almost 90 percent of their lives indoors. A significant portion of that is in their designated office space. The design and layout of your company, when conscientiously thought out, can boost productivity and collaboration. Here are a few tips from Mashable on what constitutes great office design.

It’s worth the additional cost. You don’t need to upgrade on Google-level proportions (there is no evidence to indicate a bowling alley has boosted worker productivity), however an upgraded office can go a long ways to improving functionality and overall productivity. Office design can open up new lines of communication and increased collaboration.

Break spaces. Creating an appealing break space for employees not only rewards them and provides a central space where they can rest, it increases communication. Socializing with coworkers can increase rapport, creativity, and collaboration across the board.

Desk ergonomics. Invest a few dollars more in each employee workspace. A movable monitor arm allows employees to adjust the computer screen so it is at eye level to reduce neck pain. Also consider purchasing comfortable chairs will avoid low back pain and general discomfort.

Brand your workplace. Every employee and client alike should know immediately where they are when they walk into your office space. Putting your logo on a feature wall creates visual interest and an identifying brand. The physical appearance of your office has an effect. Injecting your firm’s slogans, logos, attitude, products, philosophy, or color palette showcases your company’s culture and clearly creates a strong brand both clients and employees can identify with.

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