Boston Commercial Property Insurance: Business Interruption Recovery

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The harsh and somewhat unexpected winter weather has left many businesses in the east facing situations they never have before. Severe winds, melting ice, and extreme cold temperatures can cause significant property damage for businesses. In the event of the extended downtime, especially during a winter storm, getting back on your feet can be very difficult.

While a Boston Commercial Property Insurance policy can protect your company financially if you do incur damage, the costs of the business interruption itself can be detrimental, especially if you don’t know how to handle it. Here are a few steps you can take now that may help your company better recover after a business interruption.

Create a Business Impact Analysis.  A Business Impact Analysis (BIA), according to, predicts the consequences of disruption of a business function and process, and gathers information needed to develop recovery strategies.

Partner with the community. To speed up the recovery process, consider an interim partnership with another local business. Making an arrangement to use another businesses’ facility or resources until your business gets back up and running can keep sales coming and reduce overall downtime.

Telecommute. If your business property is unable to house your employees, telecommuting may be a viable way to continue operations. Make sure that employees are supplied with the necessary data and software applications to continue operations, even if in limited form. This includes basic email and productivity software like Microsoft Office. Maintaining your business presence will be crucial for you to get back on your feet.

Make sure you have a Business Interruption Policy. Having the correct Massachusetts Business Interruption Policy as part of your Boston Commercial Property Insurance package will cover loss of revenue as well as other operating costs such as rent, taxes, payroll, etc.

At Sinclair Risk Management we know the devastation that an unforeseen disaster can cause your business. This is why we offer extensive Massachusetts Commercial Property Insurance. Our policies are based on your needs and we will ensure that you have the right coverage to deal with any loss of operation. For more information, please give us a call at (877) 602-2305.