Business Insurance: Tips to Motivate Your Employees

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Business Insurance: Tips to Motivate Your EmployeesBusiness Insurance: Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Employees are precious resources in an organization. Motivated, loyal employees boost productivity and provide the collaboration and innovative ideas a company needs to flourish. This post is

That doesn’t mean cushioning their paychecks. One of the top reasons employees leave is they don’t feel valued or appreciated at work. Inc. recently highlighted several tips on how to build a great team of motivated employees.

Personal growth trumps bonus. If an employee has an interest in something, they will be much more motivated to do it. Give them the freedom to take on a project they thought of, or let them try a new initiative. Google engineers are encouraged the take 20 percent of their time to worked on something that interests them personally. Gmail and Google News are two ubiquitous ideas that started in an employee’s “free time.”

Status matters. Sometimes giving an employee more authority will spur motivation. If an employee has a suggestion to improve a project, encourage them to draw up a plan and give them the authority to implement it.

Perks. Again, emphasis on the non-monetary. Use concert tickets as a reward for the highest salespeople at the end of the month. Providing great benefits is a huge draw to employees. Be generous with vacation time, and encourage employees to truly take a vacation, not drag their smartphone to the pool.

Recognition.  It is an innate human desire to be appreciated. If an employee works tirelessly on a project, they deserve to be recognized. Knowing they are valued and appreciated will strengthen their loyalty to the company and they will continue to take pride in their work.

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