Employee Benefits: The Anatomy of the Workspace

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ANATOMY OF THE WORKSPACEEmployee Benefits: The Anatomy of the Workspace

Most Americans spend 8.6 hours a day working. It is the number one activity in our day, followed at a close second by sleeping, which sadly only constitutes 7.6 hours.

We spend a large chunk of our lifetime at work. How and where we work, is a central part of our day. But what is the optimal workspace? LinkedIn recently feature a series called “Where I Work.” A variety of Influencers (top users) on LinkedIn showed off their workspace, their personal hub of productivity.

The space people choose to work in varied across the board. The traditional corner office; No office; A kitchen table; The window seat on a plane; a coffee shop; a treadmill desk. Richard Branson chose his private island. Some bedeck their spaces with bobbleheads, photos, gadgets, and papers. Others prefer the sparse look, keeping their space so barren a passerby might think it’s vacant.

Productivity is an elusive and difficult concept. What drives productivity, what methods work for people is still largely largely undecided.  There are so many methods and different workspaces, nothing seems to be universal. Even among the 50 influencers, all top in their field, not one looks the same.

There are two notable trends. As technology continues to expand all around us, the physical workspace is becoming increasingly transient. Health is the second trend. Whether it is a calendar marking down exercise, as T.Boone Pickens uses to keep track of workouts, to the standing desk used by Michael Fertik uses, a new awareness of health seems to be key in designing workspaces. Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn takes walking meetings, adopting the outdoors as his workspace.

What type of workspace do you have? How does it work for you? What would be your dream workplace? We’d love to hear from you.

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