Fairfield CT Contractor Insurance: Common Winter Safety Hazards

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Fairfield CT Contractor Insurance: Common Winter Safety Hazards Fairfield CT Contractor Insurance Common Winter Safety Hazards

As Fairfield contractors know, construction doesn’t stop when the weather begins to chill, but working on a Connecticut job site in the dead of winter comes with many hazards and challenges. It’s important at this time of year for contractors to begin preparing for all the winter weather nature has in store.  Construction site hazards can be created by a number of conditions and weather events. Cold temperatures, snow, ice, rain, and frigid winds can take a drastic toll on both workers and construction sites, which can cause work delays and costly repercussions.

Here are a few common hazards Fairfield contractors might face when encountering winter weather:

  • Snow, rain and ice build-ups can create slippery surfaces, cause erosion and even structural damage.
  • Slips and falls are some of the most common construction site accidents year-round, however the odds of such injuries increase exponentially. The Occupational Health and Safety Department recommends that site managers and workers inspect walkways, work platforms, scaffolds, stairs and ladders throughout the day to check for changes in environmental conditions, such as thawing or increased build-up.
  •  Icicles are another safety hazard which should be removed or roped off to avoid injury resulting from falling ice.
  • Site visibility is huge concern, and experts warn contractors not to pile snow too high or in areas which might obstruct the view of working areas.
  • Heaters can be a valuable asset, but can also create a safety hazard as well. Heaters should be situation in well ventilated areas and away from combustible or flammable materials.
  • Working long hours in extreme cold with low visibility creates prime conditions for cold injuries, ailments and accidents.
  • Over exposure to winter weather can take a greater toll on a worker’s body, as such it is important ensure that workers are wearing proper attires and for safety and warmth. Water repellent clothes, waterproof boots, insulated coveralls, gloves and headwear can all help keep workers warm on the job.
  • Bulky clothing can hinder workers’ job performance, limit mobility and the risk of becoming caught on or in machinery. The trick it so ensure that their layers and strive for warmth does not become a safety hazard.

As a Fairfield contractor your livelihood and reputation are at risk when working in less than ideal weather conditions. At Sinclair Risk and Financial Management we understand the vast array of risks Connecticut contractors encounter on a regular basis. We specialize in crafting comprehensive risk management solution to protect you, your workers and your assets.  Our specialists will help you find the perfect Fairfield CT contractor insurance coverage to meet your needs. From Workers Comp to Professional Liability, our Fairfield CT contractor insurance solutions will ensure that your operation is protected from any claim. Give us a call today at (877) 602-2305 for more information about any of our offerings.