The Cleveland Browns and Sinclair Risk: Why being different is a good thing.

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Employee Benefits, Risk Management

The Cleveland Browns debuted new uniforms last month, and they are quite eye-catching, especially given what came before. Fans long familiar with jerseys featuring tiny, barely readable “Browns” now see “CLEVELAND” screaming in big letters across the front. The uniforms can consist of multiple color combos of orange, brown, and white, the day’s variety depending on…owner Jimmy Haslam’s mood?

But, my favorite team has always been a little different (e.g., the Browns are the only franchise that doesn’t sport a logo on its helmets), and different is a good thing! The Browns stand out, even if their performance in recent seasons has not.

At Sinclair Risk & Financial Management, my other favorite team, we stand out for being different as well…but our performance is a LOT better than the Browns of late.
We don’t just write insurance policies and send clients on their way. We become part of your strategic team. Sinclair is one of the top 100 privately owned insurance brokers in the United States, thanks in part to our Risk Safeguard Advantage™ system , which digs deep into your company’s structure. We want to learn and help you succeed in achieving long term goals by uncovering potential pitfalls, identifying gaps in your Risk Management portfolio. We then create a plan that gives you the security you need to maximize your bottom line.

Our approach highlights risk management but goes further down the field, focusing on loss control, claims management, financial consulting, and human resources.
When you partner with Sinclair, our team of seasoned and talented professionals takes the time to gain a full understanding of your management philosophy, goals, and risk tolerance. We’ll also get inside your business operation to identify exposures to loss that could be a threat. We’ll then tailor a comprehensive risk management and insurance strategy that addresses your goals, protects your company’s value, and delivers measurable results — today and into the future.

The Risk Safeguard Advantage system has five key steps:
Vision: Learning about your goals, objectives, and how you define success.
Evaluation: Taking a deep look at your business through an onsite assessment so we can develop a complete risk analysis.
Analysis: Matching strategic solutions with your unique challenges, goals, and needs.
Implementation: Putting into place our recommended programs, such as safety training and operational improvements.
Accountability: Providing you with a Stewardship Report twice a year that shows our progress, along with your income statement and balance sheet to demonstrate transparent, tangible ROI.

When it comes to choosing a company to trust with your Risk Management needs, it pays to consider the one that’s a little different. Talk to us today about how we can help you reach the end zone.

Matthew Bauer
Sinclair Risk & Financial Management