Wallingford Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective Mentor

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Wallingford Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective MentorWallingford, CT Business Insurance: How to Be an Effective Mentor

Part of a successful business involves a team of dedicated skilled employees. As a business leader, part of your duties is to help employees grow and develop within the company. Not only will it improve your bottom line, developing young talent will help sustain the company for years to come.

Here are some tips on how to be an effective mentor.

Give feedback. Performance feedback is important to employees’ growth. Sit down with employees face-to-face. Be specific and direct with your assessment and cover both positive and negative performance efforts.

Delegate. Passing responsibility to your employees gives them the opportunity to shine. Articulate the results, set parameters and make sure to periodically review their progress.

Provide training. Investing in employees is beneficial for both the company and employees. You help employees improve their skill set and in return you reap the benefits of their growth and can increase company retention and loyalty.

Assess. Keep an eye on the workplace. Observe employees strengths and weaknesses and look for areas of improvement. Keep an eye out for promising candidates for future promotions.

Mentor everyone. Sure, it is impossible to develop strong, mentor relationships with every single employee. However, if you choose specific favorites it can be a source of resentment and negativity in the workplace. Make sure all employees have the same training opportunities so they all have the chance to grow and succeed.

Give praise. In addition to regular performance feed back, it is essential to reinforce employees’ performance with positive encouragement.

What are some other mentoring tips or tactics you’ve found successful? We’d love to hear from you.

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