Are you Protecting Your Construction Business Properly?

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction

2016 is expected to be a strong, steady year of growth in the construction industry, with the 2016 Dodge Construction Outlook predicting that the U.S. construction starts for 2016 will rise 6% to $712 billion.  This environment is expected to be supported by the U.S. economy, with relaxed lending standards and support from state and local construction bond measures.  And … Read More

How to handle the challenges of an aging workforce

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Construction, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

Take a look in the mirror…were those gray hairs there yesterday? Take a look around your office…could you be asking the same question? Nobody’s getting younger, not even me! But the American workforce is rapidly aging, creating a number of challenges for businesses of all types and sizes. The secular trend is stark: From 1976 to 2006, the percentage of … Read More

Employers: Safety is your responsibility (but we can help!)

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Construction, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

A billion dollars…right out the window. That’s what American businesses spend each week on worker’s compensation claims. If that isn’t enough to give you pause, that figure represents only the direct costs of medical and legal payments. Indirect costs of training replacement employees, conducting accident investigations, hiring crisis management PR experts, repairing equipment, lost productivity, and low staff morale easily … Read More

Hiring a contractor? Don’t get caught without ‘Additional Insured’ protection

Jonathan BelekConstruction, Homeowners Insurance, Risk Management

It’s that time in your home’s life that fortunately only comes around once every 20 to 25 years or so…roof replacement time! Or maybe it’s time to tackle a big task with a shorter life span, like painting the house. Either way, for projects at this scale you wisely skip the DIY approach and instead find yourself in the market … Read More

Contractors – The fine print on Waivers of Subrogation

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction, Risk Management

Your firm gets tapped to build a brand new office building in a promising location. The budget is high and the timeline reasonable. You can’t wait to sign the contract and get started. That “Waiver of Subrogation” it includes? You’ve seen it before and haven’t thought too much about it, as it seems to be becoming standard boilerplate. But just … Read More

Contractor’s Errors & Omissions – Time to take a serious look.

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Construction, Risk Management

We live in a very litigious society – lawsuits are not only common but they are now becoming a part of business day to day life.  Most contractors understand the need for standard liability insurance – the majority of jobs require a certification stating that ample coverage is in place. But,  are you aware that your standard liability coverage will … Read More

Contractors – Hiring summer help? Follow these safety tips

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

Chances are you remember your first summer job. Maybe you delivered newspapers or hauled bales of hay on the farm. Looking back, the experience and skills you gained on the job was invaluable. And the money you earned helped pay for college or to buy a new stereo. Each year, about 6 million young people swell America’s workforce by taking … Read More

Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set Aside Arrangement – What you need to know!

Nathan DanielConstruction, Risk Management, Uncategorized, Workers Compensation

The title of this blog sounds complicated, and I do this stuff for a living!  Because it’s confusing and complicated, I wanted to take a few minutes to put it all in layman’s terms. So here goes… SCENARIO: Your employee has a workers’ compensation claim. It could be a work related injury, illness or disease. It’s serious. They have been … Read More

Fairfield CT Contractor Insurance: Common Winter Safety Hazards

EditorBusiness Insurance, Construction

Fairfield CT Contractor Insurance: Common Winter Safety Hazards  As Fairfield contractors know, construction doesn’t stop when the weather begins to chill, but working on a Connecticut job site in the dead of winter comes with many hazards and challenges. It’s important at this time of year for contractors to begin preparing for all the winter weather nature has in store. … Read More

Hartford Contractors Insurance: Protecting Portable Company Assets


Hartford Contractors Insurance: Protecting Portable Company Assets  Hartford contractors face a myriad of risk exposures in their daily operations, but the most common risks involve transportation of employees, equipment and materials. Company property can be a huge financial investment, the loss of which could be devastating on a number of financial fronts. Not only would the property need replacing, but … Read More