Thanksgiving safety tips – from traveling to deep frying the turkey

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Millions of people travel from near and far to spend Thanksgiving with loved ones – it’s one of the busiest travel times of the year. The holiday is also a time when people spend a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up their Thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings – resulting in a spike of house fires claims. Whether … Read More

How to Protect Your Second Home When You’re Not There

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You’ve finally purchased your vacation home! It’s states away in a city you always felt at peace in. You’ve furnished the place with all the best appliances and adorned it with your favorite art pieces to make it truly feel like your home away from home. A vacation property can be a wonderful investment, but no one wants to see … Read More

Fundamentals of Retirement Planning

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It would seem that high net worth individuals would need to worry and plan less for retirement than those with fewer assets.  However, properly planning for retirement is not specific to an income group and individuals at all levels face the same challenge, which is having enough income to meet their needs and desires and maintain their lifestyle for an … Read More

Giving Back: Charitable Giving Opportunities

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Accomplished individuals often look for opportunities to express their values and give back through charitable giving.  In fact, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet started an initiative called the Giving Pledge, which encourages the world’s wealthiest people to give away much of their fortune to charity.  Over 100 notable contributors have made the commitment to dedicate the majority of their wealth … Read More

Thinking about hiring domestic staff? Following these smart practices will help minimize risk

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Busy professionals reaching ever higher levels of success often find that as their assets grow, free time shrinks. To recapture some of life’s most precious and ever dwindling commodity, many families hire domestic staff in the form of housekeepers, nannies, drivers, chefs, and other personal service providers. Once your family’s needs go beyond just having a weekly cleaning service for … Read More

How shopping for a cell phone can lead to identity theft

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We all know that acquiring the latest and greatest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S comes with a price, but in the case of 15 million consumers, it also came with the now real threat of serious identity theft. The New York Times recently reported that hackers stole data of T-Mobile customers from the credit reporting bureau Experian, one of the … Read More

Is it a bird, a plane or a liability?

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Domino’s wants to deliver your pizza with one, and your cousin had one fly over her beach wedding.   The use of drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), has exploded in recent years.  The small remote controlled planes are being flown by hobbyists to government personnel monitoring disasters and crops. The Federal Aviation Administration is finalizing its regulations for commercial … Read More

Stay afloat with these boating safety tips

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Shorts, flip-flops, BBQs and cold brews. Tis the season of sunshine and Topsiders. (They’re back. Just ask Hip Daddy.) As the mercury creeps up, so does the popularity of those who own boats. Popular you may be, but what you don’t want are claims against your watercraft insurance policies. (Boat and yacht owners -…you do have watercraft insurance right?) Yes, … Read More

How to Protect Your Home During a Winter Storm

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How to Protect Your Home During a Winter Storm According to The National Weather Service, winter storms are known as “Deceptive Killers” due to the fact that most fatalities occur because of other factors unrelated to the storm itself, such as auto accidents or the result of hypothermia and frostbite. As the east coast gets slammed with harsh winter weather … Read More

Preserving Your Fine Art Collection

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Preserving Your Fine Art Collection Protecting the high-value collections in your home with appropriate insurance coverage is imperative. However, with any big investment, you’ll want to physically shield it from damage as well. Here are just a few preventive and maintenance tips to preserve your fine arts collection. Keep your home at a consistent temperature.  The ideal climate for valuable … Read More