Spring Hazards: Worker Safety During Warmer Weather

Jonathan BelekBusiness Insurance, Construction, Workers Compensation

Spring signifies the end of winter and a season of new beginnings.  It ushers in budding trees, blooming flowers and warmer temperatures.  It can also bring with it quickly changing conditions and hazards that employers and workers need to be aware of and prepare for to ensure safety.  While, overall, workplaces are safer today, many people are still seriously injured … Read More

Higher minimum wage means higher direct & indirect costs for business owners

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Workers Compensation

The political pressure to enact a $15 federal minimum wage is growing stronger. It’s the stuff of nightmares for business owners, but it may yet become a reality. New York has already passed legislation, with the enthusiastic support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, to raise the wage bar for fast food workers to $15. It seems inevitable that figure will soon … Read More

Why your business needs a wellness program

Shannon HudspethHuman Resources, Workers Compensation

Here’s a business ideal, not always easily achieved:  Doing tangible good for others while doing good for your bottom line. You don’t have to be a flashy biotech firm or offer a solution to an intractable problem an ocean away to be improving the health of your fellow men and women. We all want our products and services to benefit … Read More

How to handle the challenges of an aging workforce

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Construction, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

Take a look in the mirror…were those gray hairs there yesterday? Take a look around your office…could you be asking the same question? Nobody’s getting younger, not even me! But the American workforce is rapidly aging, creating a number of challenges for businesses of all types and sizes. The secular trend is stark: From 1976 to 2006, the percentage of … Read More

Are you prepared for an OSHA ‘pop-in’?

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

*ring ring ring* You’re not expecting anyone, but someone’s at the door…it’s your Aunt Elaine, famously resistant to getting a cell phone, who was in the neighborhood and thought she’d take a chance you might be home and drop by. Aunt Elaine may be great, but let’s face it, nobody loves a pop-in. While we tolerate the occasional boundary-crossing friend … Read More

Employers: Safety is your responsibility (but we can help!)

Dave SinclairBusiness Insurance, Construction, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

A billion dollars…right out the window. That’s what American businesses spend each week on worker’s compensation claims. If that isn’t enough to give you pause, that figure represents only the direct costs of medical and legal payments. Indirect costs of training replacement employees, conducting accident investigations, hiring crisis management PR experts, repairing equipment, lost productivity, and low staff morale easily … Read More

Obesity: The numbers (and costs) are staggering

Dave SinclairEmployee Benefits, Health Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

I’ll start with a piece of good news: the smoking rate among United States adults declined from 20.9% in 2005 to 17.8% in 2013. There’s still a ways to go, but at least the numbers are moving in the right direction. Now, the (very) bad news: Americans are snuffing out the cigarettes but apparently picking up the cheesecake, because more … Read More

Wellness programs in the workplace: How to get started

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation

I’m passionate about helping businesses keep their employees healthy, happy, and on the job, contributing to their organization’s success. As I’ve written about previously, wellness programs provide measurable ROI that keeps business owners happy. Nearly all owners who started a wellness program in the workplace agree that these programs are effective in mitigating the risk of rising health care costs … Read More

Thinking about hiring domestic staff? Following these smart practices will help minimize risk

Mary McGrathEmployee Benefits, Homeowners Insurance, Risk Management, Workers Compensation

Busy professionals reaching ever higher levels of success often find that as their assets grow, free time shrinks. To recapture some of life’s most precious and ever dwindling commodity, many families hire domestic staff in the form of housekeepers, nannies, drivers, chefs, and other personal service providers. Once your family’s needs go beyond just having a weekly cleaning service for … Read More

Franchise owners: 5 secrets to managing your Workers’ Compensation rates

Matt BauerBusiness Insurance, Employee Benefits, Human Resources, Workers Compensation

Nothing is worse than having an employee injured on the job. As a franchise owner you know injuries can happen. But when one occurs you’re left doing a balancing act, caught between assuring your employee gets the best care while trying to keep your workers’ compensation costs from spiraling out of control. The stress can be overwhelming. Here are 5 … Read More