Contractors – Hiring summer help? Follow these safety tips

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Chances are you remember your first summer job. Maybe you delivered newspapers or hauled bales of hay on the farm. Looking back, the experience and skills you gained on the job was invaluable. And the money you earned helped pay for college or to buy a new stereo. Each year, about 6 million young people swell America’s workforce by taking … Read More

Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set Aside Arrangement – What you need to know!

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The title of this blog sounds complicated, and I do this stuff for a living!  Because it’s confusing and complicated, I wanted to take a few minutes to put it all in layman’s terms. So here goes… SCENARIO: Your employee has a workers’ compensation claim. It could be a work related injury, illness or disease. It’s serious. They have been … Read More

Impacts of Workplace Obesity on CT Workers Comp

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Impacts of Workplace Obesity on CT Workers Comp  Obesity continues to be a growing problem for the American population. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) one in three Americans are obese and an additional 40% of the population has a body mass index high enough to be considered overweight. Not only is obesity a major public health concern, but … Read More

Connecticut Business Insurance: Wellness Programs Cut Costs

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Connecticut Business Insurance: Wellness Programs Cut Costs Wellness programs are Connecticut business antidotes to increased workers compensation rates, and higher healthcare costs. As Connecticut business owners prepare to absorb even higher healthcare costs with the Affordable Care Act, companies are looking for ways to offset costs elsewhere. One of those strategies is implementing wellness programs. A recent survey conducted by … Read More

Workers Compensation: NCCI Changes Primary-Excess Split Point for 2013

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Workers Compensation: NCCI Changes Primary-Excess Split Point for 2013 The National Council on Compensation Insurance recently announced a plan to change the experience rating formula for Workers compensation insurance. The primary-excess split point will be increased over a three year transition period. The first stage of the change will take effect on January 1, 2013. What is it? In the … Read More