Florida Construction Insurance: How Contractors Find Jobs


FLORIDA CONSTRUCTION INSURANCE: JOB SEARCHING TIPSFlorida Construction Insurance: How Contractors Find Jobs

In recent months, the construction industry has been booming, making it more important than ever for construction firm managers and owners to find good, qualified contractors. Knowing what those potential employees are looking for in a job or construction company could help you acquire those candidates more easily.

As you know, there are many different types of jobs in the construction industry, ranging from installation, transportation, construction trade skills, and office or managerial positions. For contractors new to the construction industry, the main way to find construction jobs is by searching for companies or employers that are offering on-the-job apprenticeships or entry level positions. They also tend to look for job descriptions using keywords such as “construction labor” or “general labor”.

If contractors do have experience, and they have special certifications or trade skill training, they tend to use those skills as a starting point. They search for jobs using keywords that relate to their skill set, such as “plumber”, “electrician”, “carpenter”, etc.  It’s important to know also where and how these potential candidates do their research. They want to know everything they can about their potential employer and the position before they apply for the opportunity. They’ll typically look at your website and social media sites if you have them, and will probably talk to current and former employees.

Another important part of searching for a job in the construction field is professional networking. Contractors utilize this network to find “insiders” within the employer they want to work for who can help them identify the hiring authority, learn about the employer and the position. Typically, contractors will continue to pursue the people that they network with, so it’s a good idea to get representatives out there talking about your firm and bringing awareness to the current or future jobs you may be offering.

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